Haji Mohamed Liban

Inaa Lilaahi wa inaa Ilaahi raajicuun!

Late Haji Mohamed Liban

Haji Mohamed Liban aka Haro


On behalf of the Gharri people in North America, I extend my sympathy to the family of Late Haji Mohamed Liban AKA Haro. We are very sorry for your loss.

I had the privilege of knowing Haji Mohamed Liban during his prime living in Wachile and know that he was a generous and great community leader for over 70 years of his adult life. Haji Mohamed Liban passed away today at his home in Takaba, Kenya. Haji Mohamed was a great family man and a father of 36 and grandfather and great grandfather of 150.

He was among the most unwavering of the unsung heroes for the western Gharri region during the most difficult time of the 1960s, where up to 70% of the Gharri people in Ethiopia were massacred by the Haile Selassie regime. He was a fearless and unrelenting fighter of his generation. He was defiant and never tired of protecting his community. He was a freedom fighter and embodied our ability to fight against injustice. He was also a pioneering businessman.

His life spoke to our existence, living through massacre, witnessing the slaughter of an entire generation of the Gharri people, standing up against discrimination, and taught us to fight back at any cost to protect what is ours and he succeeded in that. Haji Mohamed Liban was 89 years old and his life will not be forgotten. Therefore, let us celebrate his life and the contributions that he made for our people and keep his legacy alive. May Allah bless his soul and offer him the best afterlife, and also offer his beloved sons, daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nephews, and nieces ease for their sorrow. May he rest in peace.

Inaa Lilaahi wa inaa Ilaahi raajicuun! ALAHA AH U NAXARIISTO Haji Mohamed Liban aka Haro! Dhamaan Garre Community of Atlanta, Garre Community of Ohio, Gharri Community Los Angeles, waxaan halkaan tacsi uga gudbinayaan dhamaan qoyska reer Haji Mohamed Liban oo joogaan Atlatna, GA, Columbus, Ohio, USA, Nairobi, Takaba, El Wak, Kenya iyo Gobolka Daawa, Ethiopia, geeridii ee ku timid Haji Mohamed Liban Maanta July 3, 2016.

Haji Mohamed Liban wax oo loo soo Aahan Jiirey Odayaasha uu hoggaminayey Besha Garre oo ku nool Itoobiya. Haji Mohamed Liban waxaa ifka kagatagay waxaa uu dhalay iyo waxay sidhaleen 186 qof. Haji Mohamed Liban waxa uu ahaa 89, UU KU GEERYOODEY isago Joogaa Magalada Takaba, Mandera County Dalka Keyan. Waxaan leeynahay dadkii uu ka geeryoodeyna samir iyo iimaan alla haka siiyo. Amin, amin.

By Gur Gharri

July 03, 2016