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     GHARRI REGION News Update Tuesday November 30, 2004, by Isaac Omar and Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

The delegation of high-ranking Oromo and Somali states officials, had arrived in Moyale on November 28,2004. The Minister of federal affairs headed the delegates. They have met with the Somali and Oromo states local leaders and various committees. Also, they are expected to meet with community elders on December 01, 2004. According to our informant, the Oromo state representatives have not presented their report in regard to the locations that they do not have inhabit in or have any supporters in.

The Oromo local officials are still clinging on the same argument that the land belongs to them and its inhabitants are Somali immigrants, therefore, they have the absolute right to the land. But our reporter stated that they are not surprised by what the oromos are saying or why they said it. Because, the Oromos are claiming the entire Ethiopian land as theirs, so, claiming the Gharri land is something the Gharri people are already use to it by now so, it is not new.

      Our informant stated that the Oromo local officials claimed that the Gharri people have abducted their people and they are still held some where in the Ethiopia and Somali boarder areas by the Gharri people. So, the Gharri officials were asked to release those abducted people and to explain why? However, the Gharri officials denied the allegation of abduction and brought those people in questions to the meeting. The people were asked by the delegates if they were abducted and by whom? They replied that no one abducted them and they simply went to participate in the Gharri meeting, and they are fine. So, it was fired back at the Oromo officials, and the issues of Oromo abductions was put to rest.

     Also, the two Gharri victims who were injured by the Oromo thugs have been taken to Addis Abeba for treatment.


GHARRI REGION News Update Friday November 26, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

      The delegation of high-ranking Oromo and Somali states officials, headed by two presidents is expected to arrive in Moyale on Tuesday November 30, 2004. They are expected to visit all nine disputed locations in Moyale district.

         On November 24, 2004, Oromo rebels ambushed several unarmed Gharri citizens injuring two and abducting one. But he has since escaped and has been reunited with his family. In addition, the Oromo rebels planted landmines on the road between Dhokisu and Beddee to terrorize the Gharri people, but the landmine was detected and removed before any one got hurt.

According to information received from Moyale Kenya, two Oromo factions have fought among themselves and killing one and injuring two. The tensions are very high between the twin cities boarder line between the Kenya and Ethiopian counterparts, each   accusing the others for the disturbances.

  The Oromo Liberation Front has declared war against the Gharri people stating that the Gharri are their number one enemy and obstacles to their struggle therefore, said they have declared an all out war against the Gharri people to liberate the oppressed Oromos in Southern Ethiopia.

        The Oromo Liberation has been lying to the Oromo masses regarding their struggle against the Ethiopians just to maintain soliciting funds from them, but, there is not one single evidence to show that they ever fought against the Ethiopian arm forces in southern Ethiopia, but there is ample evidences to show that the Oromo Liberation Front fought and is still fighting against the unsuspecting Gharri herders and looting thousands of Gharri owned herds. Therefore, our reporter said that “the So called the Oromo Liberation Front is nothing more than organized criminals whose main objectives are to cleanse certain ethnic group and loot their properties in order to achieve fame in their nomad communities.”


  GHARRI REGION News Update Sunday November 21, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

The Oromo malefactor’s attempt to ambush and rob a Burji owned vehicle has failed. However, they indiscriminately shot at the vehicle and killed one Borana passenger and wounded one Burji female on board at Bakul- Boma, which is about 7 kilometers Northwest of the Moyale City.

Also, according to the information received from Moyale, the Oromo region administrators, community leaders and elders are meeting in Yavelo, to discuss which one of the nine locations in Moyale district that they will agree not to participate in the upcoming Moyale referendum, and they have asked for an extension until November 28, 2004


   GHARRI REGION News Update Saturday November 06, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor     

      Persistence and determination pays off at last. Prime Minster Melees Zenawi has ordered new delegates to visit five locations in Moyale District. They are expected to arrive within the next three days. The new delegates are from the neutral regions, and clans. The Somali, Oromos, Amharas, and the Debub Izbotch have been excluded. So, the new delegates will visit Bulladi, Goff, Beede, Chamuq, and Mallab and determine the population make up and report it no later than the November 20, 2004. 

      Our reporter said, the locations that are populated by Somali or Oromo majority will not participate in the referendum election. The majority of its residents will resume its administration. Also, our correspondent stated that the Oromo region has agreed to let the Somali region take control of five locations near Miyeso, but Babille and other disputed locations are to be decided by concerned bodies soon.

     The Oromo has lost hope of grabbing the Gharri region. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars and food rations to bribe minority clans and the poor.

      However, our people’s perseverance and determination paid off and it appears that the majority of the disputed cities will not be contested at all, and the Gharri people become the Sole owners of their ancestral lands. Victory to the Gharri people.


GHARRI REGION News Update Friday November 05, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

     The Somali state and the Oromo state representatives were not able to agree on the issues of the last referendum election fraud, which was claimed by the Somali state during the conflict resolution conference that was held in Addis Abeba. So, the two regions presidents have met with Prime Minister Melese Zenawi.

Now, the decision is in hands of Melese Zenawi. Our reporter said what ever the prime minister decides it will become the law. Therefore, the Somali states citizens are so nervous because they believe that melese will decide in favor of the Oromo state.


GHARRI REGION News Update Wednesday November 03, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

      The Gharri delegates headed by Mr. Ali Dheree at conflict resolution hearing held at the Addis Abeba have scored remarkably well. They presented their case to the representative of the federal government, and the election commissioners, that the Oromo officials have violated every agreement the two states made in the past, by the two states president. The Gharri representatives presented supporting evidences and showed case by case were the Oromo region representatives involved in an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Gharri people, such as the Arero massacre of 2000 and Maddar mass killing of o6 September, 2004. The perpetrators have not been punished or brought to justice yet. The Oromo president admitted to it and stated that the election must go on in Moyale district, and he is willing to remove Mr. Tadessa who is the head of the election commission in Moyale district.

It has been agreed upon by both states that there will be no creation of new locations or sub locations for the purpose of participating in this referendum election. Also, the two states presidents and head of the security personnel as well as local leaders agreed to send back all non-residents that were brought in by both sides, but the Oromo officials are still clinging on to the same issues, which has become a headache for the Oromo region president.

               Also, it has been agreed to apprehend those Oromo militias who are responsible for the killing of 9 and the wounding of 6 Gharri citizens and also to return all looted properties. So far, they have not done it. Therefore, on November 02, 2004, the Oromo president took the blame and faulted the Oromo region officials, for their failure to fulfill what they have agreed upon and signed on in good faith.

         The conference is expected to conclude later today, and we will let you know as soon as the end result or outcome is known to us.


LATEST MOYALE News Update Thursday October 28, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

Moyale Kenya: On October 27, 2004 one Burji owned home was bombed, one person was killed and four were injured. They blamed the Gharri people for the incident.

Ethiopia: The battle has just begun: the Oromo and its Amhara masters have invaded The Ethiopian Somali State.

As most of you already heard, it has been reported that the Oromo region has won all-important key cities and villages even in the areas where there are no Oromo citizens. Example, hawiya and issa areas all allegedly were won by the Oromos, how can that happen? Who cast their ballot there? Our correspondent stated that the reason why the Oromos were declared the winner was not because they won the popular vote, but because they received fraudulent ballot boxes full of voting cards.   

The Somali state has already filed a complaint with the government and election commissioners. So, it is not a done deal yet.

In the1993 referendum, Moyale was declared as being won by the Oromo region, but our Gharri brave brothers and sisters’ relentlessly fight to make it impossible for the Oromos to function in Moyale. As a result, the Ethiopian government withdraws its decision and declared that referendum null and void. One of our local leaders said today in 2004, the Gharri people are more than ready to face the so-called mighty Oromos as long as one Gharri man and woman stand alive in Moyale. They are ready to defend what is naturally theirs. 

The Oromos have been given five days to expel all those street thugs and Konssos or face the consequences.


LATEST MOYALE News Update Monday October 25, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

The Gharri people have lost both Maddar and Wachile administratorship. Therefore, both cities will be under the Arero district (Woreda). Now, there is lot of disappointed and shocked people everywhere in the Gharri region. Because, it has been said as if the Maddar was a done deal, that the majority of the ballots went to the Gharri people, therefore, no body expect to lose Maddar.


LATEST MOYALE News Update Saturday October 23, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

The Moyale saga continues to be a circus like event every day.

The Moyale district has been excluded from this upcoming Sunday’s nation wide referendum elections.

Our correspondent stated that the main reason for indefinite postponement of referendum in Moyale District was due to the OPDO’s officials refusal to pull out 15,000 people they smuggled in to Moyale, until they got their way, which is to take over the Bulladi and Goff. Also, the Ethiopian federal arm forces stationed in Moyale failed to enforce the laws that they came to enforce.

About two weeks ago, the two states presidents and minister of states representing the Ethiopian federal government signed an agreement that all smuggled Oromo people must be sent back. However, the local Oromo (OPDO) leaders refused to send them back. Again, the Ethiopian federal security forces that are in charge failed to do anything about it.

So far the Oromo’s claims have been proven to be nothing more than fiction.

There’s not a single Oromo person who ever lived in Goff and Bulladi and none been found there either by any of the committees who visited both towns and interviewed its residents, but they are still claiming to have displaced people from those two towns.

Maddar and Wachile residents will cast their ballots on Sunday October 24, 2004.


      LATEST MOYALE News Update Monday October 18, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

        The Oromo state representatives have filed a motion and a complaint to the federal government and the Ethiopian election commissioners, claiming that their people from Bulladi, EL Goff, and Beede were displaced during the 2000 war. Therefore, they are demanding for their return before this referendum begins. Based on that complaint, the committee was created to look into the Oromos complaint. The newly created committee has conducted their investigation and visited EL Goff, Beede and Bulladi. They could not find any lead or witness to substantiate the Oromo’s claims.

However, the un named general who is the head of the federal security force was not satisfied with the committee’s findings. So, the committee was given different sets of questions, and was ordered to go back to EL Goff and Bulladi, and conduct more interviews with the locals or investigate the alleged Oromo refugees from those two places. They are expected to complete their investigation or interviews today October 08, 2004 and present their findings to the full committees some time late today or not later than October 19, 2004

        Our reporter said that based on the recommendation of the 150 Community elders and federal security personnel that are in charge of Moyale area, the Oromo and Somali states local officials have been arrested, and Mr. Ibrahim Bitati is among the officials now in jail. 

Also, Wachile and Maddar residents have completed distributing voting cards, and they will cast their ballots within next five days.


LATEST MOYALE News Update saturday October 16, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

The Somali and Oromo states presidents along with other high-ranking officials have left Moyale on October 15, 2004. Our correspondent stated that before departing from Moyale, they met with security officials, and 150 community elders consisting of 50, from the Gharri community, 50 from the Oromo community, and 50 from other small minority groups to determine the causes of last week turmoil. So, the head of federal security personal and 150 community elders all agreed that the local officials from both sides are the cause of the problems.

        They added that they are the ones who smuggled non-residents in to the city that resulted in the major disturbances. Our reporter added that the officers in charge implicated eight local officials, four from each political party, and gave the recommendation that 6 out of 8 officials be removed from the election committee membership, and the remaining two to be fired from their job. Therefore, the Oromo and the Somali elders and other officials agreed to accept the recommendation and implemented it right away. The Gharri people had already replaced 3 of their officials including the Moyale mayor and fired “Malin Speed.” He was charged with inciting the public to resist against any attempt to bring in other nonresidents from the Oromo community. Also, the Oromo officials were charged with smuggling non-residents from all over their administrative regions and puts peoples live in danger.

      Also, the two presidents and other government officials along with the locals agreed that there would be no creation of new locations or villages allowed

       After 4 days of intense debates, charges and counter charges, they were able to narrowed down their differences to two locations, Bulladi, and Chamuq. The Oromo region claimed that they have unspecified numbers of people whom were forced to flee from Bulladi in 2000. They now are living in refugee camps, therefore, those refugees must be returned to their original residences. However, the Gharri people disputed the Oromo’s claim as untrue and false, that there’s no single Oromo person who ever lived in Bulladi therefore, no such refugees existed. However, the two states officials and federal government representatives all agreed the need to create a three-person committee consisting of one from Gharri, one from Oromo and one from federal government to study and determine the validity of the Oromo’s claim. The committee has been created. They are expected to visit Bulladi and interview the residents there regarding the alleged Oromo refugees today on October 16, 2004.

        Also, the Officials have ordered all smuggled people to be returned to where they came from and ordered to have another general public gathering and head count afterward. So, the general public gathering and head counts have been scheduled for October 21, 2004 at all 9 disputed locations simultaneously.


LATEST MOYALE News Update Wednesday October 13, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

The Kenyan and Ethiopian boarder has been reopened. Also, the Somali and Oromo states high ranking officials have arrived in Moyale. Now, they are conducting a meeting with local leaders and the community elders to resolve last week’s dispute over who should be able to participate in this referendum at Bulladi, EL Goff, Mallab, and Beede locations.

According to eyewitness reports, it has been agreed that only the residents of the above mentioned towns are eligible to participate in this referendum to decide which political party should take over its administration. Therefore, the Gharri people are very happy about it. Now, at least 3 out of 9 disputed locations have already agreed to be under the control of the Gharri people. Also, the Gharri people are very hopeful to win at least 3 out 6 remaining disputed locations. .

Our reporter said about 600 smuggled Konso Oromos from Yavelo have been returned back to their home town, and the remaining other non residents who were smuggled in by both side have been asked to leave or to be sent back to where ever they came from. However, the meeting is still ongoing, and we will let you know the final out come as it developed or as story is unfolded.


Western Gharri Region News Update Tuesday October 12, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

       The Moyale City is still under military Occupation. The Kenya and Ethiopian boarder has been closed since last Friday night As a result all children attending schools on the Kenyan side of Gharri District have not been able to go school.

          Our reported said there are about 2000 heavily armed solders patrolling or controlling the Bulladi and they had cut off any movement between Bulladi, and the District 02 and vise-versa. However, our reporter stated that the reason for military presence and boarder closure was to safeguard the City and its inhabitants (population) from possible attack by the Oromo armed gangs, and not as to oppress the Moyale citizens.

     Also, the Somali state president Jibril and the Oromo state president  Sado are expected to arrive in Moyale today. They are expected to tour the Bulladi to determine the population make up and also, discuss with the local leaders the cause of the disturbances and eventually decide how it can be prevented in the near future from happening.


Western Gharri Region is under seized Sunday October 10, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

       According to reports received from Moyale, the scheduled referendum for Moyale District has been canceled until further notice. Also, Moyale and all adjacent cities are under occupation of the Ethiopian army, and no body knows how long this occupation will last.

The excitement and anticipation of finishing a much-awaited referendum that was thought to be within an arm’s reach, now appears to be a thing of the past. Our reporter said that the government’s inability to take action against the perpetrators regardless of their party line has been blamed for what has happened on October 09, 2004 and thereafter.

The Oromo region has made it clear during the Gumi Gayu meeting to let the government and others know their intention or position and that if they realize that they will lose the occupation of the Gharri land through the referendum. They will fight to take it back by force and or do every thing possible to disrupt and stop the process from going through. So, our reporter said they just did that yesterday, and the much-awaited referendum has been canceled indefinitely.


Western Gharri Region is under seized Saturday October 09, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

       0n Saturday, October 09, 2004, early in the morning local time, the Oromo region administrators brought thousands of its peasants from abroad to force themselves into the Gharri Bulladi in Moyale district and to claim that they are residents of the Bulladi too. Upon receiving the information and witnessing the first 10 buses full of Oromo peasants’ and street thugs from Hagger Mariam, Yavelo, and Mega areas, the Bulladi residents began forming human shields at the main entrance to block them.

However, the Oromo drivers’ decided to run them over.       Most of the peasants and hoodlums whom were armed with machetes, knives, and sticks, got off from the vehicles and began fighting with the Gharri Bulladi residents in order to clear the way for the rest of the buses and trucks to enter the Bulladi. The Gharri people responded with stones and sticks. So, full-fledged fighting erupted thereafter. As a result of that, handreds of people were injured from both sides and it took army helicopters and massive ground troops over two hours to separate them. However, all three kebeles in Moyale are now under seized by Ethiopian army personal who are trying to curtail the situation and stone throwers from both sides.

In addition, according to report received from EL Goff, thousand of armed Oromo militias were seen at Didd Guchi heading toward EL Goff. Our reporter stated that a general public gatherings and an official counts was completed at Beede and EL Goff on October 8, 2004. Not one single Oromo person or supporter was found at either location. So, all these disturbances and fighting were intended to stop the referendum process to take place.

 Also, Bulladi was scheduled to have a general public gathering and head counts “mololongo” today, but now it is unclear if the process will continue or will be extended indefinitely because of what has happened today. Furthermore, our reporter said EL Goff residents have already started distributing voting cards, but now that too has been disrupted by the Oromo thugs surrounding EL Goff.



   Latest Gharri News Update: Friday October 08, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

        A general public gathering and head counts at six locations in Moyale district was successfully completed on October 7, 2004. However, accusations and counter accusations continues between the Gharri and Oromos each accusing the other of smuggling people from other parts of the country and from Kenya.

According to eyewitness reports, four community leaders consisting of two from each political party (the Somali and Oromo) has been picked without any official headcounts to assist the election boards at Wachile.

The Ethiopian election board commissions and judicial representatives have reviewed the Oromo’s request to create nine new sub locations in the Gharri region. subsequently, the Gharri region administrators filed a complaint. After five days of careful reviewing of the preceding decisions that were signed by both states presidents (the Oromo and Somali) and listening to both sides’ arguments, they have upheld the previous decision that there will be no creation of a new location over or near the existing locations. Therefore, the Bulladi, Beede, and EL Goff locations will participate in the upcoming referendum. So, the general public gathering is expected to begin today Friday October 08, 2004 at the above-mentioned three locations in order to pick their representatives


Latest Gharri News Update: Wednesday October 06, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

       According to eyewitness reports from Moyale, a team of the Ethiopian election boards has arrived on October 03, 2004. They have met with all district administrators and community elders and informed them to have three knowledgeable residents of those communities to join them to help determine the true residents from a newly arrived people whom were smuggled in by both side of the political parties (Oromo and Somali states.)

       Also, they said the only effective way to pick those community leaders who will work with them through out this very important election is to call for a general public gathering and let the public chose by a majority of votes. Therefore, massive public gatherings have been scheduled for October 07, 2004 to take place simultaneously at all six locations at 8:00am in the morning.

     However, our correspondent stated that Bulladi, Beede and EL Goff locations are not going to participates in this important public gatherings to pick their community representatives  because of on going litigations for time beings.


Latest Gharri News Update: Tuesday September 28, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

          According to eyewitness reports, the Moyale and Uddatt districts areas in the Western Gharri Region have received much needed rain.

      On September 26, 2004, a passenger vehicle owned by Mr. Rasheed Mamo has over turned at Kotich Harrelle which is located about 16 kilometers from Moyale city. One female passenger has died and 6 others were injured, but the extents of their injuries are unknown at this time.

       The Oromos attempt to take over Galgalu Dimtu and Arda Olla sub locations in Moyale District have failed. Now they are behaving like rabid animals or going to extreme lengths playing war drums in order to scare the Gharri people, so that they   could ran away from their motherland. But our correspondent said that although the Oromos are acting like a rabies -infected run away dogs that tries to bite everything’s that comes in its way, the Gharri people are not inclined to run from it, and are ready to face what ever the Oromos have to bring it to them.


    Latest Gharri News Update: Monday September 27, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor     

       Mr. Adan Edin Abdi and Mr. Gurach A. Karrolle were presumed dead after they were missing for over a week. The two men left Nagale heading to the Uddatt District, and they never reached their destination Therefore; the Gharri people are blaming the Oromo Guji thugs as the killers of the two men. Furthermore, up to 100 Gharri gold miners are missing since September o6, 2004, from the Burchichi Gold mine.       Therefore, their fates are unknown at this time, and the Gharri leaders have hired and sent a third party investigator to gold mine to find out the status of those men.

        Also, 300 Gharri herds that were looted by Oromo hoodlums on Sept. 06, 2004 from the Maddar area have been recovered; and the authorities are still searching for more herds.

         According to news received from Moyale, the Oromo region administrators have managed to smuggle over 10, 000 of their supporters to Moyale from Agermariam, Yavelo, Mega, and Borbor area and more people are coming in daily. Our reporter said that the reason why that many Oromo people being smuggled is to participate in the upcoming referendum and win the Moyale District as part of the Oromo region.

        The Gharri people have complained to the Ethiopian authorities in the area, but they were told that nothing could be done about smuggled people, and told to do the same.


      Latest Gharri News Update: Monday September 20, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

            Massive public gatherings are taking place in 9 locations in Moyale District. According to our correspondent, the public gatherings were called for by the Oromo region four to determine the population make up in the disputed areas as a form of sample polling. So, our reporter stated that the Kenya/Ethiopian border has been closed to curbs voter fraud, Or curb people from crossing over and casting votes. However, already accusation of human trafficking has become the talks of the day, that the Oromos have smuggled the Borana and Gabras from Tuqa, Sogda, and Malbbee areas to show up for today’s public gathering mainly in Moyale.

           Similar public gatherings were called and took place at the same 9 locations on September 01, 2004, and only a handful of Oromos and their supporters showed up, while over 10,000 Gharri supporters took almost the entire field. Therefore, upon realizing that if a referendum was held in Moyale and Malab, then, they had no chance to win or gain any of the disputed lands. Soon after, the Oromo politicians protested and complained that their supporters were intimidated and blocked from coming through, and they also accused the Gharri people of bringing people from Somalia and Kenya. However, they failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing or human trafficking by the Gharri people.       But they requested for a second public gathering, and that was why today’s gathering was scheduled at first place. So, we will inform you as soon as the final results become available


   Latest Gharri News Update: Thursday September 09, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor     

         According to reports received from Moyale, the death toll has reached 9. Eight of the 9 killed are Hussein Girro Durro, Ali Malin Abdow, Mallaya Edin Guracha, Abdow Ibrahim Hamaroy, Dhakelow Isaap Imid, Issaqow Gedo, Edin Abdi Mohamed, Aliyow Malin Hassan.

         Also, Abdiya Mohamed Qalla, Hassanow Hassan Aliyo, Malin Mohamed Hassanow, Eimoy Hassan Kulla, Mohamed Umar Dagle, and Isaaq Imid are among the injured victims of the Oromo terrorist. In addition, our correspondent confirmed that some of the ringleaders and the financiers of the terrorist organization have been arrested including the Arero Woreda Administrator. 

         Furthermore, there is meeting going on in Madder between government officials and madder residents and the authorities are trying to calm the people and helping to return to their respected former residences.


A season Of Ethnic cleansing has began against the Gharri people by Oromo terrorist: Wednesday September 08, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor         

           On September 6, 2004, Oromo terrorist raided Madar. According to eyewitness accounts, six people were killed, six wounded and two are missing. Three of the wounded are not expected to survive. Furthermore, they raided over 12 nearby villages and got away with an unspecified numbers of herds (“DANAB”), however, the numbers of casualties are not known there at this time due to lack of accessibility as there are no roads connecting to many of those villages.       Rescue and recovery teams have been sent to the area and we will report it as soon as we receive new developments


News Brief From the Gharri Region:  Tuesday August 31, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

            According to reports received from Moyale, the head of the Moyale area Ethiopian security enforcement, Mr. Abera       Ayela has been implicated in the bombing incident. One of the Oromo rebels who was captured at the scene on August 22,2004 allegedly confessed that he was one of the internal Oromo conspirators and Mr. Aberra Ayela is their leader. He was in charge of the campaign to disrupt any attempt to determine the land ownership. 

            Our correspondent stated that the Oromo politicians knew that if the process went through, they would have no chance of gaining any disputed land or towns. So, this is the only way they thought they would have a chance to prolong the control of Gharri’s natural resources.      

                        In addition,the perpetrator said Mr. Ayela is the rebel’s main contributor and one of the main planners who decides, who is the target, when to carry out a crime, and the escape route. He added that Mr. Aberra Ayela was involved in all the criminal activities that took place in Moyale City and a collaborated with the Oromo rebels. Our reporter said the man had a written statement in his pocket allegedly written by Mr. Aberra Ayela, instructing him when to trigger the explosives or bombs. 

                        Furthermore, Mr. Aberra Ayela was the same man who was believed tohave carried out the Arero Massacre of 2000, in which 83 innocent Gharri womenand children were slaughtered.Also, one of the threewounded men has died and he was a Guarage ethnic.

                        The Oromo criminals such as Aberra Ayela are targeting the Guaragepeople, because the Guarage people in Moyale have decided to vote for the Gharrimajority in the upcoming referendum. The killing was politically motivated andintended to teach them a lesson. Said the source


News Brief From the Gharri Region:  Monday August 23, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

 On Sunday August 22, 2004 at about midnight, a bomb exploded near a popular hotel in Moyale in the Gharri Region.       Three people were injured but they are expected to survive.

            According to our correspondent, three Oromo individuals are in custody, and one of the perpetrators has implicated the Oromo rebels as the people behind the incident.

It is believed that the Oromo rebels and its people are nervous that the will loose most of the disputed lands if the upcoming referendum is held peacefully and now they are trying to stop and or disrupt this process from going through.


News Brief From the Gharri Region:  Tuesday August 10, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

Ethiopia:  The Gharri people in Moyale district have began distributing voting cards for the upcoming referendum. The Moyale residents are so anxious and unhappy about the government’s strategy in ordering the relocation of the Gharri police forces from the Disputed land area. They believe that the government has a hidden agenda and that it may take over the administration of the District. According to our correspondent from Moyale, the Gharri and the Borana police forces have been ordered to relocate and will be replaced by neutral federal police forces. Our reporter indicated that the Government informed the town ship councils that it is for security reasons in order to keep peace and tranquility in the area during the election and to curtail unforeseen criminal elements.


           According to the information received from Nairobi, the Mandera Gharri city councils have endorsed to elect a Murale individual as Mayor of Mandera city against the wishes of the Gharri people There’s no Gharri candidate running for the Mayoral ship. However, there are two candidates running for the mayoral ship, including one from Degody and the second one from the Murale. 

        The Gharri people want to elect the Degody candidate while Adan Mohamed Nura and his entourages are pushing hard and perusing to elect the Muralle clan’s man. There are rumors that the Murale clan has managed to buy their souls through Adan Mohamed Nura and their votes will be influenced by the ransom (bribe) money.


News Brief From the Gharri Region  July 28, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

The Gharri people are waiting for officials from Jigjiga and other dignitaries to arrive for official ceremonies and the election of the Mayor, deputy Mayor, Speaker of the house, and Secretary for the Uddatt district.

Also, all eyes are on Moyale district, that it will be determined within the next sixty days whether the Moyale district will fall under the Somali region or the Oromo region. According to the current Ethiopian constitution the majority people or the clan that holds 51% or more will administer the disputed district. Therefore, our informant stated that the Gharri people are the majority in Moyale, holding 75% of the population.

In addition, the Borana leaders have accused one of the Gharri elders, and businessman of killing one of their community leaders earlier this month. So, they are threatening to assassinate him. 

Also, we have received sad news that Mr. Dawit Intalo has passed away on July 27, 2004, so, we ask you to pray and send sympathy to his wives and children.


Gharri Have Celebrated In Huge Numbers. Monday July 19, 2004, by Gur Gharri, GSG News Contributor

On July 18, 2004. Uddatt became a full Gharri District. The Gharri people have celebrated in huge numbers and are still celebrating all over the Northwestern Gharri Region in Ethiopia.

        According to our correspondent, people from all walks of life, young and old alike were chanting, dancing, and singing on the streets through out the Gharri region in Ethiopia.

It was a joyful, and victorious day for our people. Also, it is a moral victory that despite long struggles and stiff oppositions from the Oromos and the Ogaden thugs, at the end they prevailed victoriously. Now all the eyes are on the Moyale District.


Major news from Gharri District: by Gur Gharri June 21, 2004

GSG has learned that the Gharri victims prayers have been answered and those refugees who have been suffering in EL Danaba concentration Camp have been repatriated to their homes to Butte and Gurar.       According to an eyewitness report, the Ajurans attacked the area PC upon hearing that, the Gharri victims were about to be repatriated to their homeland. We heard that they did tested their own medicine, that the perpetrators were apprehended and are in jail waiting sentencing for their crimes against the PC.

Disturbing News From the Gharri Konfur Region

According to news received from Mogadishu, Somalia, a well-known Gharri businessman and community icon, Mr. Mohamed Rasheed was ambushed by Somali Thugs in Mogadishu. Originally, the Somali hoodlums plan was to abduct him and demand a ransom, but upon realizing that they weren’t going to succeed, they shot him in cold-blood injuring him very seriously. Now he is in intensive care and may not survive.

             Also, the federation of RRA and Eelay bandits, waged war on the Gharri people in Bulo Fulay and BisiqAdey area on June 19, 2004 in an attempt to wipeout the Gharri people from the region. However, the Somali bandits (Thugs) dreams were short lived. Determined Gharri warriors and gallant young men accompanied with ululating brave Gharri women were able to defeat them.


News Brief From Gharri Region: by Gur Gharri June 20, 2004  

         The Oromo rebels attempt to loot a Gharri village near EL Goff, has failed. On June 17, 2004, the Gharri militia received a tip from Oromo informant, that, the fleeing Oromo rebels are about to attack a Gharri village near EL Goff. So, upon receiving the news, the Gharri militias were dispatched and they intercepted it before the rebels infiltrate inside the residential area.

The fighting ensued, one rebel was killed and one Gharri militia was wounded. He is expected to recover. According to eyewitness report, the rest of the rebels fled in disarray and leaving behind the dead rebel, guns and unspecified amount of ammunitions.

Our reporter said that, the Oromo rebels have lost their base and safe haven in Kenya. Now they are on the run and are “panic-stricken like a cat on a hot tin roof.” So, they are single-mindedly targeting the Gharri herders to loot for ration.


Situational Report From The Gharri Region: June 14, 2004 By Gur Gharri  

         The EL Wake (Boru Hache) situation is very calmed. As one of our elders said, our people’s confidence has been restored and our young women are able to do their daily chores without fear of been raped. Thanks to our brave men who sacrificed much to safe guard our beloved land and the Gharri’s dignity. For the first time in over forty years, the shadow borderline that has served as a barrier between our two communities has disappeared.

        According to reliable news received from Moyale, Kenyan and Ethiopian arm forces are conducting joint operations in the Eastern province of Kenya to root out the criminal element that has threaten peace and tranquility for the people living around the borderline

Our informant said, so far, 6 O.L. F rebels have been captured along with one of the well-known supporters of the Oromo rebels by the name of Roba Abba mal-le. So, the Oromo rebels are on the run.


News Brief From The Gharri District: May 9, 2004, by Gur Gharri

       Five men were arrested on Friday May 07, 2004 in EL Wake, including four Gharri and one Murralle individual. The four Gharri men were Mr. Salad Adan Barricha, Chief Hussein Adan Khalif, Councilor Dima, and a driver of a vehicle where two Murralle men were allegedly taken out and murdered in April 2004. One Murralle man was only identified as Councilor Nunow.

Furthermore, as tensions mounted between the Gharri and Ajuran, the Kenya government ordered armed military intervention, and now there is a massive military buildup in and around the Ines Teno area which was intended to curtail the Gharri people from retaliating against the Ajuran for the killing of three of their citizens.

Also, Six people were killed in a fight between two Marehan factions over control of Belled Hawo located near Mandera. Our reporter said two people were injured in Mandera town by gunshots from belled Hawo, and one of the injured is in critical condition.


News Brief From Gharri Region: May 03, 2004, by Gur Gharri

   On April 30, 2004, Ajurana Thugs raided two Gharri herders in Dharken Torban Near Qofolle, and murdered Mr. Abdi Usuman Aeymoy and kidnapped two young men in their twenties. 

         On May 02, 2004, the torture and mutilated bodies of the two victims were found in Qofolle area. The two victims were identified as Aliyow Malin Hassan Isaaq and Rashid Ibrahim Ibren. Now the area PC has ordered the Kesnyan Arm forces to safeguard the Ajuran Communities from possible retaliation from the Gharri Communities.

        Also, according to news received from Moyale Kenya, two Ires Teno Chiefs, who were let go in March 2004,  have been ordered to go back to their previous location.


News Brief From Gharri Region: April 19, 2004, by Gur Gharri

The Moyale District election has been ratified. The winners of the city Mayoral seat and speaker of the house position including deputy mayor and assistant Speaker has been filled.

Mr. Ibrahim Bitati was elected as Mayor and Mr. Shukri Ed Dhayow as Speaker of the house. The deputy Mayor went to the Gabra and another minority was given the position of assistant speaker of the house. The Uddatt District election has not been ratified yet.


News brief from Gharri DISTRICT:by Gur Gharri  Tuesday March 30,   2004

        News received from Gharri District indicates that the Kenyan government has ordered the closure of its border with Somalia. According to our correspondent, the Mandera-Bellede Hawa, EL Wake-EL Waq and all other points of entry to the country have been closed. One Gharri owned vehicle was seized and its owner who is a resident of Kutulo was arrested as well.


News brief from Gharri Region:by Gur Gharri  Sunday March 28,   2004  

         GSG has learned that an unknown group of men terrorized school children. The information reached us from Moyale indicates that hundreds of school children were injected with unknown substances against their wills, while they were going home from schools or walking to schools. Three of the perpetrators have been captured. They clamed to be from the  Sakuye clan, and were hired by an unspecified agency to commit this heinous crime. So, the mater is under investigation.

         The Ethiopian soldiers and Oromo rebels clashed in the Moyale borderline and have clamed one Gharri bystander at Soko Marata. On March 26, 2004

          Furthermore, Ires Tino and Sakee Chiefs have been let go and replaced by Ajuran. However, the area residents are not willing to accept the new chiefs. So, peace and tranquility in the area is in jeopardy


        News brief from Gharri Region:by Gur Gharri  Wednesday March 10,   2004  

       For the past 12 years, they were the only bullies in town. The Marehan forces have been terrorizing area residents, robbing, and killing innocent people daily. They have murdered fourteen Gharri citizens in cold blood, without any provocation.

        On October 14, 2003, a small but determined Gharri force took control of their District and around the EL Waq oasis.       Since then, the Marehan has been trying so hard to mobilize the other clan forces in the area through lies telling other Hawiye clans that EL Waq has been taken over by Ethiopian forces but, was not able to convince others. Now we have learned that they were able to fool the Murralles and are now pressing on to take over EL Wake (Boru Hache). However, we are confident that if they acted on their rhetoric’s, at the end, our forces will prevail.   Victory to the Gharri people.


News brief from Gharri Region:by Gur Gharri  Saturday March 06,   2004        

       GSG has learned that in the past two weeks 8 Gharri Citizens have died. Two men died in EL Dorete, three people died in EL Wake including two women and three people died in Moyale. According to our correspondent, six of the eight people were died from various illnesses, and the other two who died in EL Dorete were killed by a car accident. 

       The dispute between the Wargadud, Borehole 11 and the EL Wake residents over the Girls Boarding school project has been settled, and the Girls boarding school will be built in EL Wake.


News brief from Gharri Region: by Gur Gharri  Sunday February 22,   2004  

       GSG has learned that last month’s election in Dolo district was cancelled. Our correspondent stated that the election was canceled due to Degodia’s misconduct in cheating the Gharri Marro and other smaller clans in the area. They switched ballot boxes and voting cards in order to deny others the right to participate and have representative of their own.

Also, the Degody and some election boards were accused of placing almost all of the polling places in the Degody clan populated area, where is not accessible for others to go and vote. So, new elections will be scheduled in the near future, for Dolo, Jijiga, and Shinillee Districts.


News brief from Gharri District: by Gur Gharri  Thursday February 12,   2004  

        The Mandera West constituency has received two Ambulances that will serve, the Takaba and Banissa area residents in the Gharri district.

According to our informant, the Mandera District Commissioner and MP visited Gharri citizens living between the Mandera-Wajir boundary and the Somali Kenya borderline. They witnessed large numbers of the Gharri people living in a vast land, with out schools, Mosques, or Clinics and no any government officials or area MPs in the previous Kenya government personnel has ever visited or even knew they existed. As a result, the two officials, agreed to build Schools, Mosques, and water projects for them.

In addition, the delegation headed by the above mentioned officials verified that the alleged Shifta take over of the EL Wake area was false and unfounded.

           Moreover, the Gharri brave young men have stored peace and tranquility in EL Waq area, and even the Marehan clan has began expressing their appreciation for our young men’s restoration of peace. There is not a single incident reported since they took over the area patrol on October 14, 2003. Furthermore, the Gharri-Marehan peace conference is going on in Nairobi, Kenya.

               Also, about 60 Gharri people went to Hajji from the Gharri District, and all of them have successfully completed the Hajji and more than half had returned already. Not one single Gharri person was hurts in last month’s incident in the stampede.

               According to a report received from Nairobi Kenya, the Wajer North MP Dr. Abdulahi Ali AKA “Kabareta” was arrested and jailed for 3 days. However, he was released after he posted bail. He has not been seen in public since.


Gharri News Brief; by Gur Gharri  Sunday January 25,   2004    

            The Somali regional state election for the region wide district representatives has begun on Saturday night or Sunday their time,  January 25, 2004. So, The Gharri people of Moyale and Uddatt Districts, went to the pools as scheduled without any incidence. they turned out in record numbers to elect 159 representatives.

Eight city administrators will be selected from the         159 District parliaments. A mayor, a Speaker, and two assistants will be chosen from the 159 representatives for each district. So, we will let you know as soon as the pools close and the winners declared.

          According to an eyewitness report from Dire Dawa Ethiopian, three locations including Jijiga and two other locations near Dire Dawa have been postponed due to a disagreement regarding who should be nominated to run. therefore, it was not parts of today’s election.


Gharri District’s News Brief; by Gur Gharri  Tuesday January 13,  2004

According to an eyewitness report from EL Wake, Gharri District, the Gharri people have asked the Murrale herders to get out of the Gharri grazing area. As a result, some Murrale herders have moved out of the area, while others remained behind. It is rumored that some Gharri ex community leaders are supporting those remaining Murralle migrants. Subsequently it created a verbal feud between the two communities, as well as amongst the Gharri themselves.

          Also, the Muralle clan has agreed to pay blood money in the amount of 600,000 Shillings, in which 150, 000 shillings has been collected already.

         In addition, our reporter indicated that the Gharri and the Ajuran clan’s elders have made an agreement for the Gharri clan to pay blood money for the Ajuran victim that was allegedly killed by an unnamed Gharri person a month ago in December 2003, near Gurar

We are saddened to report that two Gharri young entrepreneurs and outstanding community members, Mr. Hussein Abdow and Haji Abdula Roqa were killed on January 11 in a car accident between Chiracho and Nakuru.

So, on behalf of the entire Gharri Support Group in North America, may Allah bless their souls and ease and give strength to their loved one. To all surviving loved ones, Please accept our warmest Sympathy and our thoughts are with you and be strong.


Gharri District’s News Brief; by Gur Gharri  Sunday January 04,  2004

          According to our correspondent from EL Wake, the Marehan clan has paid $610,000 in blood money for the murdered Gharri man’s family and the remaining $190,000 will be paid very soon.  Both populations of the twin Cities, “EL Wake” are enjoying peace and tranquility, thanks to our brave young men.  Also, an unusually heavy rain has been reported throughout the Gharri region. So, the farmers and the herders alike all are enjoying the blessings of Allah.


   Gharri Support Group News Web Site        



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