20150130_103648H. E. Aliyow Gababa was a true liberator. He was the founder and president of the Galla Sidamo Liberation Front. He founded the Galla Sidamo Liberation Front in 1962 during the struggle for East African independence. The Galla Sidamo Liberation Front name was Changed later after his death in 1974 to the Somali Abo Liberation Front. During his era, the Gharri people were called “Shiritam Somali”  or skirted Somali. Even though he didn’t live long enough to see the fruits of his labor, today the Gharri people are enjoying freedom that came from the struggle he started. Our people are free and living as Somalis without the word “Shiritam” in an autonomous Somali regional state within Ethiopia, so we should be grateful for his noble sacrifice. Please read the following letter he wrote.


H. E. Aliyow Gababa was the Founder and president of Galla Sidamo Liberation Front. The Galla Sidamo Liberation Front name was changed after his date to Somali Abo Liberation Front.